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Luis Homedes López (1994, Madrid), is a musician from Madrid and Castilla la Mancha  who seeks to make the saxophone an instrument capable of adapting to any style overcoming the limitations stemming from his "short" life as an instrument, and contributing, in this way, to his continuous evolution. In the tireless search to make a small gap to the saxophone in classical music, it extends the possibilities of the short original classical repertoire for the instrument based on the work of transcriptions of all periods, starting in the first instance with the work of the chamber baroque repertoire with instruments of period and the personal learning of the flute of peak, receiving lessons in the Schola Cantorum Basilensis. At the same time, he extends his eagerness for learning and work towards contemporary music, with special interest in the one that is accompanied by electronic music.

Luis begins his musical studies at the age of 8, at the School of Music and Dance of Las Rozas (Madrid) where he performs the Elementary Degree in Saxophone and Percussion under the tutelage of Mario Biendicho, Enrique de Tena and Carlos Franco (percussion). , later he studied Middle Grade at the Professional Conservatory of Music «Amaniel» where he obtained the qualification of «Honor Registration» and «End of Grade Award», thanks of course to the excellent work of Professor Angel Luis de la Rosa. In 2014, he went to Switzerland to study the Bachelor of Arts Klassik at the Hochschule für Musik in Basel, in this case guided by Professor Marcus Weiss. During the 2017/2018 school year the "Master of Arts in Musical Performance" begins in Basel.

Parallel to his training he receives classes from a wide range of saxophonists, great musicians and composers of the present such as Pierre Stéphane Meuge, Arno Bornkamp, ​​Lars Mlekusch, Vincent David, Pedro Pablo Awnings Camera, Anton Kernjak, Klenyán Csaba, Vinko Globokar, Salvatore Sciarrino among many others.

Until today he has had the privilege of participating actively in different prestigious festivals within the circuit of contemporary music such as "Zeiträume Basel" or "Atacca Festival" in Basel, "Zürich International Saxfest" (Switzerland) or being the First saxophonist to participate in the "Kúrtag-Ligeti Workshop" in Budapest (Hungary). He has also received scholarships from the "Hochschule für Musik" of Basel, "DOMS Stiftung", "Fondation Thorens" and "Fischli-Stiftung".

He currently focuses mainly on the chamber music field, especially with "Fraktál Duo", formed in the middle of the spring of 2017 with the pianist Carlos Emilio López, at the same time as several projects of ancient and contemporary music focused, in its greater proportion, to electronics. He has also collaborated with the "Chamber Academy" and "Juventus Musica" orchestras of Basel.Regarding the work to his pedagogical concern, he became a teacher of the "International Community Music School" in January 2017 in Basel and the "Musikverein Binzen" in Germany since last September.

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